SWATCH - Orange, Yellow, White & Oyster

Tip: Choose a pale Oyster for paint or flooring - (top left of palette). Cover the photo when choosing the Oyster shade & match to the rectangle not the photo. (The photo shown is a similar shade but it can look deceiving it has light & shade on it).

Tip For Coordinating Photos:

Style 1:
Use 'Beautiful Open Tulip' in a large frame in the living room.  Use a smaller box frame for 'My Day' & hang My Day in the same room on another wall.  Hang 'Home Grown 10 Tomatoes' in the Kitchen in either a small/medium box frame or a large frame, position slightly to the side view from the lounge if the kitchen is adjacent to the living room.

Style 2:

If you want a concentrated dose of colour, you could hang all 3 photos (above) in a white room, that has a white floor - using orange cushions and yellow cushions. leave out any natural wood accents from the swatch, if hanging all 3 photos in one room.  (But do think about using white wood grain as a texture).

Your room is going to look unique depending on the texture tone & style of your furniture and finishes.  These Fine Art photography Prints are highly engaging!