SWATCH - Cinnamon & Lavender Grey

This is a complimentary swatch for your device, simply contact via the website & request a copy for your computer, or any Android or Apple device!  (If you would like a printed swatch to carry around instead, please state.  GiclĂ©e printed swatches are $15 per colour swatch currently & a full swatch guide is coming soon).  (Printed swatches are more stable colour wise).

For easy co-ordination on the go!  Use this swatch for a clean soft look with a touch of warmth, an ideal swatch if you like to use tiles, white linens, wood & paint.  If you like this swatch but don't know where to start, try starting with - chocolate/cinnamon tiles in the colour on the swatch & work out from there. Or take this swatch to your interior designer, or contact Fine Art Photos for assistance.

Take your swatch with you to match paint, fabric & interior furniture.  Ask your paint colourest to colour match any existing paints to your swatch if needed.

Keeping in mind that much of the photography is very suited to a multitude of colour schemes & you can buy it simply because you like it - as an investment & a 'window to the outdoors or still life' Photography that goes with this interior colour scheme & 'pops' is:


The Above Photos Can Be Hung Separately Or In the Same Room, Using The Same Size or Different Sizes.  For A Small To Medium size room try 1 large feature size with smaller sizes.  Frames are designed to be mixed, or you can use the same frame colour.